Hotpoint 2660 Watt Dual Grill Element 1330w + 1330w

Hotpoint 2660 Watt Dual Grill Element 1330w + 1330w

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If your oven isn’t heating up properly, you could have a faulty or blown heating element. This replacement will ensure that your oven is back to heating and cooking as it should be.

  • Replacement oven heater element for your oven.
  • OL: 321,
  • IDW: 378,
  • WITH BAR: 462,
  • PW: 27,
  • PL: 135,
  • HSC: 75,
  • TL: 51,
  • 2660W
  • Part Number HPTC00230133, MDAC00230133, 5045173423213, 14-IN-53

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