8 x Genuine Miele FJM Vacuum Hoover 3D C2 C1 Compact Complete Bags & Filters Hyclean Dustbag With 3D Technology


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  • Fits models: S6000 (S6) series – all models to – S6999, S4000 (S4) series – all models to – S4999, S700 series – all models to – S799, S500 series – all models to – S578, S300I (S4) series – all models to – S399, S290 series – all models to – S299, S241 series – all models to S256i, Compact C1 series, Compact C2 series, Complete C1 series S241 – S256i, S290 – S299, S300i – S399, S500 – S578, S700 – S799, S4000 – S4999, S6000 – S6999 including S6220 Compact C1, Compact C2, Complete C1 and models: Cat & Dog (Excluding Cat & Dog 5000) — Solution & Solution Hepa (Excluding Solution Hepa 5000) — Xtra Power & Xtra Power 2300 — Allervac & Allervac Sensor (Excluding Allervac Sensor 5000) — Automatic (Excluding Automatic 5000) — Revolution 500 & 700 Revolution Power Plus 700
  • Hyclean Dustbag With 3D Technology. Additional 20% More Than Our Previous Design – Quantity: 8 x Dust Bags
  • Provides 9 Layers Of Filtration Our Hyclean Bags Retain More Fine Dust And Small Particles Than A Conventional Dustbag
  • Auto-Shut Mechanism Which Automatically Closes The Bag When The Vacuum Cleaner Is Opened Meaning You Won’t Be Exposed To Unhygienic Dirt.
  • For The Best Results From Your Miele Vacuum Cleaner Use These Official Miele Dustbags And Enjoy High Performance And Maximum Efficiency.
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