Element Fan Oven Creda 2500w – Econ

Element Fan Oven Creda 2500w – Econ


If your oven isn’t heating up properly, you could have a faulty or blown heating element. This genuine replacement will ensure that your oven is back to heating and cooking as it should be.

  • Pattern replacement fan oven heater element for your oven.
  • 2500 Watts
  • Length 245mm
  • Width 245mm
  • Bracket : 70mm
  • Tags: 40mm
  • End to Centre Bracket 220mm
  • Part Number C00199665, 97904270, 082602267, 082600414, 082609163, 630439, AS630439, 082605135, BA6224745, 6204370, C00199665, 6224745, C00233920, 24974, 6100191, 620519, 620911, 6224614, 6224744, 6602045, K24974, 04006J, 082612611, 81201546, 6204370, C00149168

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Additional information

Manufacturer (MFG)

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

Barcode (GTIN)

Model 6133B
Model 6133P
Model 6183B
Model 6183P
Model 6505P
Model 6509B
Model 6510B
Model 6510P
Model 6511B
Model 6511P
Model 6512B
Model 6512P
Model 6515B
Model 6515P
Model 6521B
Model 6521P
Model 6525B
Model 6525P
Model 6530B
Model 6530P
Model 6531B
Model 6531P
Model 6535B
Model 6535P
Model 6540B
Model 6540P
Model 6541P
Model 6580P
Model 6596B
Model 6596B MK2
Model 6596P
Model 6596P MK2
Model EW20C
Model EW20P
Model EW21C
Model EW21E
Model EW21L
Model EW21P
Model EW31G
Model EW31N
Model EW31P
Model EW41B
Model EW41C
Model EW41G
Model EW41GS
Model EW41L
Model EW41N
Model EW41NS
Model EW41P
Model EW41PS
Model EW51S
Model EW62G
Model EW62N
Model EW62P
Model EW91S
Model EW91YS
Model 6550B
Model 6550P
Model 6551B
Model 6551P
Model 6555P
Model 6556B
Model 6556P
Model EG20P
Model EG21C
Model EG21E
Model EG21L
Model EG22N
Model EG51G
Model EG51G MK2
Model EG51N
Model EG51N MK2
Model EG51P MK2
Model EG71G
Model EG71N
Model EG71P
Model EG95C
Model EG95L
Model 6102B
Model 6102P
Model 6103B
Model 6103BMK2
Model 6103P
Model 6103PMK2
Model 6111B
Model 6111P
Model 6112B
Model 6112P
Model 6117B
Model 6117P
Model 6118B
Model 6118P
Model 6162B
Model 6162P
Model 6163B
Model 6163P
Model 6166B
Model 6166P
Model 6172B
Model 6172P
Model 6173B
Model 6173P
Model 6196B
Model 6196BMK2
Model 6196P
Model 6196PMK2
Model BD31B
Model BD31BMK2
Model BD31GMK2
Model BD31NMK2
Model BD31P
Model BD31PMK2
Model BD35AL
Model BD51D
Model BD51G
Model BD51N
Model BD51X
Model BD81B
Model BD81G
Model BD81N
Model BD81P
Model BD81S
Model BD81YS
Model BS11B
Model BS11B MK2
Model BS11P
Model BS11P MK2
Model BS21B
Model BS21BT
Model BS21P
Model BS21PT
Model BS22B
Model BS22G
Model BS22N
Model BS22P
Model BS31C
Model BS31C MK2
Model BS31E
Model BS31E MK2
Model BS41B
Model BS41B MK2
Model BS41D
Model BS41G
Model BS41G MK2
Model BS41N
Model BS41N MK2
Model BS41P
Model BS41P MK2
Model BS41X
Model BS45AL
Model BS61B
Model BS61B MK2
Model BS61GMK2
Model BS61NMK2
Model BS61P
Model BS61P MK2
Model BS61S
Model BS61YS
Model BU61B
Model BU61P
Model BU62B
Model BU62G
Model BU62N
Model BU62P
Model BU62S
Model BU62X
Model BU62YS
Model BU65AL
Model 48308
Model 48309
Model 48312
Model 48313
Model 48314
Model 48315
Model 48317
Model 483170000L
Model 48318
Model 483180000C
Model 48319
Model 483190000L
Model 48321
Model 48322
Model 48323
Model 48325
Model 48326
Model 48327
Model 48330
Model 48331
Model 48332
Model 48333
Model 48334
Model 48335
Model 48336
Model 48337
Model 48339
Model 48340
Model 48341
Model 48342
Model 48343
Model 48344
Model 48345
Model 48346
Model 48347
Model 48348
Model 48349
Model 48350
Model 48355
Model 48356
Model 48357
Model 48360
Model 48361
Model 48362
Model 48363
Model 48364
Model 48365
Model 48366
Model 48367
Model 48368
Model 48413
Model 484130000L
Model 48413T
Model 48414
Model 484140000L
Model 48414T
Model 48415
Model 484150000C
Model 48425
Model 48426
Model 48434
Model 48435
Model 48436
Model 48437
Model 48438
Model 48439
Model 48444
Model 48445
Model 48446
Model 48447
Model 48901
Model 48902
Model 48903
Model 48904
Model 48905
Model 48906
Model 48907
Model 48908
Model 48909
Model 49106
Model 49126
Model 49128
Model 49129
Model 49132
Model 49519
Model 49521
Model 49522
Model 49523
Model 49704
Model 497040000C
Model 497040000L
Model 49705
Model 49707
Model 49708
Model 49708J
Model 49709
Model 49711
Model 49712
Model 49715
Model 497150000L
Model 49721
Model 49723
Model 49726
Model 49731
Model 49733
Model 49736
Model C160ED
Model C160EG
Model C160EW
Model C161ED
Model C161EG
Model C161EW
Model C260ED
Model C260EG
Model C260EW
Model C261ED
Model C261EG
Model C261EW
Model C360ED
Model C360EG
Model C360EW
Model C361ED
Model C361EE
Model C361EG
Model C361EK
Model C361EW
Model C365ED
Model C365EG
Model C365EW
Model C460ED
Model C460EG
Model C460EW
Model C461ED
Model C461EE
Model C461EG
Model C461EW
Model C561ED
Model C561EE
Model C561EG
Model C561EW
Model CF60EG
Model CF60EW
Model EDCB60
Model EDCG60
Model EDCG61
Model EDCS51
Model EDCW51
Model EDCW60
Model EDCW61
Model EDHB60
Model EDHG60
Model EDHW60
Model EL50ES
Model ETCW51
Model ETW51
Model M150EG
Model M150EI
Model M150EK
Model M150EM
Model M150EW
Model M152EG
Model M152EI
Model M152EW
Model M250EG
Model M250EGS
Model M250EI
Model M250EIS
Model M250EK
Model M250EKS
Model M250EM
Model M250EMS
Model M250EW
Model M250EWS
Model M350EG
Model M350EGS
Model M350EI
Model M350EIS
Model M350EK
Model M350EKS
Model M350EM
Model M350EMS
Model M350EW
Model M350EWS
Model R365ER
Model R561ER
Model SPC60W
Model X152EE
Model X152EG
Model X152EI
Model X152EW
Model X155EK
Model X155ES
Model X155EW
Model X252EE
Model X252EG
Model X252EI
Model X252EW
Model 48412
Model 48423
Model 49805
Model 49806
Model 48208
Model 48208L
Model 48216
Model 48216L
Model 48312G
Model 48104
Model 48105
Model 48105N
Model 48106
Model 48106N
Model 48109N
Model 48121
Model 48122
Model 48141
Model 481410000L
Model 48142
Model 481420000C
Model 48143
Model 481430000L
Model 48145
Model 481450000L
Model 48146
Model 481460000C
Model 48147
Model 481470000L
Model 48148
Model 48149
Model 48150
Model 48160
Model 48161
Model 48162
Model 48163
Model 48164
Model 48167
Model 48167T
Model 48168
Model 48168T
Model 48169
Model 48171
Model 48172
Model 48179
Model 48180
Model 48181
Model 48182
Model 48183
Model 48184
Model 48189
Model 48190
Model 48195
Model 48196
Model 48197
Model 48198
Model 48199
Model 48203
Model 48203F
Model 48204
Model 48205
Model 48205F
Model 48206
Model 48207
Model 48241
Model 48241 MK2
Model 482410000L
Model 48242
Model 482420000C
Model 48243
Model 48243 MK2
Model 482430000L
Model 48245
Model 482450000L
Model 48247
Model 482470000L
Model 48248
Model 48248 MK2
Model 48249
Model 48249 MK2
Model 48251
Model 482510000L
Model 48253
Model 482530000L
Model 48254
Model 48280
Model 48281
Model 48281 MK2
Model 48282
Model 48282 MK2
Model 48283
Model 48283 MK2
Model 48283T
Model 48284
Model 48284 MK2
Model 48284T
Model 48285
Model 48285 MK2
Model 48286
Model 48286 MK2
Model 48287
Model 48287 MK2
Model 48288
Model 48288 MK2
Model 48289
Model 48289 MK2
Model 48290
Model 48291
Model 48291 MK2
Model 48292
Model 48292 MK2
Model 48293
Model 48293 MK2
Model CB01EW
Model CB43EW
Model D010ED
Model D010EK
Model D010EW
Model D130ED
Model D130EW
Model E010ED
Model E010EE
Model E010EW
Model E420ED
Model E420EE
Model E420EW
Model E430ED
Model E430EE
Model E430EK
Model E430EW
Model E530ED
Model E530EE
Model E530EK
Model E530EW
Model N230ED
Model N230EK
Model N230EW
Model R010ER
Model R420ER
Model R430ER
Model R530ER
Model 10210G
Model 10211G
Model 10211G MK2
Model 10212G
Model 10215G
Model 10582G
Model 10583G
Model 10585G
Model 10588G
Model 1113229
Model 1113230
Model 1113311
Model 1113312
Model H13229
Model J160EW
Model 28208
Model 28208L
Model 28216
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Model 28111N
Model 28112
Model 28112N
Model 28114
Model 28115
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Model 281410000L
Model 28143
Model 281430000L
Model 28145
Model 281450000L
Model 28147
Model 281470000L
Model 28203
Model 28203F
Model 28205
Model 28205F
Model 28206
Model 28241
Model 282410000L
Model 28243
Model 282430000L
Model 28251
Model 282510000L
Model 28253
Model 282530000L
Model J011EW
Model J121EW
Model J131EW
Model EG1000GX(T)
Model 48165
Model 48166
Model 48173
Model 48174
Model UY46W
Model 10216G
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Model EW61B
Model EW71P
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Model 10212G MK2
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Model EDHG61
Model 49145
Model 49144
Model 49107
Model 49108
Model 10212G MK2
Model EG32P
Model EG32N
Model EG32S
Model 10216G MK2
Model EW81P
Model EW81N
Model EW81G
Model EW91P
Model BD52P
Model BD32P
Model BS32P
Model BS32B
Model BS32N
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Model BD32N
Model BD32K
Model BD52B
Model BD52K
Model BD52N
Model BD42SS
Model EW95AL
Model BD62SS
Model BD52S
Model BS62P
Model BS62B
Model BS62N
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Model BS62S
Model BU72P
Model BU72N
Model BU72B
Model BU72K
Model BU72S
Model BU71B
Model BU71N
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Model BU71K
Model BU82SS
Model BS42P
Model BS42B
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Model BS42K
Model EW22P
Model EW22C
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Model EW72S
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Model EG52S
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Model EW85SS
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Model E420EK
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Model CF50EW
Model D120ED
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Model 28110N
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Model 28113N
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Model UT47X
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Model DT77X
Model FDE20WH
Model FDE20IX
Model EG52N MK2
Model EG52P MK2
Model EG52S MK2
Model FDU20WH
Model FDU20IX
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Model S420EK
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Model S220EX
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Model 10583G MK2
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Model KD643EX
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Model 10583G MK3
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Model 20155E
Model 20158E
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Model EG72N MK3
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Model C220EW
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Model KD6C7EX
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Model 10688G
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Model C362EKH
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Model X253ESH
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Model X153EWH
Model X153ESH
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Model C220EWH
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Model EG53S
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Model EW52T
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Model KD641EX
Model FIDM20IX(T)
Model FID20IX
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Model EDCS51H
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Model 10855G
Model 10856G
Model BD32T
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Model S130EBH
Model S130EKH
Model S130EXH
Model S150EWH
Model S150EBH
Model S150EKH
Model S150EXH
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Model S220EBH
Model S220EKH
Model S220EXH
Model 10475G
Model 10476G
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Model S420EBH
Model S420EKH
Model S420EXH
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Model 20718E
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Model 20176E
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Model EW23ECH
Model EW24EWH
Model EW24ECH
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Model KD6C7EM
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Model UQ47I
Model FID20WH(T)
Model FID20BK(T)
Model FIU20WH(T)
Model DE47X(T)
Model FID20IX(T)
Model DY46X(T)
Model UY46X(T)
Model FIU20IX(T)
Model BD52K MK2(T)
Model DY46X
Model UE47X(T)
Model 10450G(T)
Model 10455G(T)
Model EG1000EX(T)
Model FIU20BK(T)
Model 49134

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